Diagnostic Imaging: Medicine & Health Science Books Peter Armstrong (Author), Martin Wastie (Author), Andrea G. Rockall (Author) & 0. As the ideal introductory textbook for medical students, junior doctors, trainee radiologists, and practising clinicians, this new edition of Diagnostic Imaging. Click on this link then you will find the book you are looking for. for you to read so hapy rading:) Diagnostic Imaging 6th Edition As the ideal.

Peter Armstrong Radiology Book

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Peter Armstrong, Martin Wastie, Andrea G. Rockall As the ideal introductory textbook for medical students, junior doctors, trainee radiologists, Organised by body system and covering all anatomical regions, Armstrong, Wastie and Rockall . PDF | This is the seventh edition of a successful book, the first edited in and Andrew Hatrick, Peter Armstrong, Martin Wastie (Eds.): Diagnostic Imaging. A Concise Textbook of Radiology by Peter Armstrong, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide.

Diagnostic Imaging. WN Ad ] RC D53A76 Medical imaging has become central to many aspects of patient management and is increasing in importance.

As plain fi lm examinations remain the most frequently requested imaging investigations which non-radiologists may be called on to interpret at the time when medical decisions have to be made, we have once again given them due emphasis in this edition, along with relevant descriptions of ultrasound, computed tomography CT , magnetic resonance imaging MRI , radionuclide imaging, including positron emission tomography PET , and interventional radiology.

Diagnostic Imaging, 6th Edition

With the widespread availability of the various imaging techniques, there are often several ways of investigating the same condition. We have avoided being too prescriptive as practice varies and so much depends on the personal preference of clinicians and radiologists as well as on the available equipment and expertise. It is important, however, to appreciate not only the advantages but also the limitations of modern medical imaging.

We have continued to try to meet the needs of the medical student and young doctor in training by explaining the techniques used in diagnostic imaging and the indications for their use.

As in previous editions, much of the book is devoted to helping the reader understand the principles of interpretation of plain fi lms and other imaging modalities. We have, however, responded to requests from readers of previous editions to include a heavily illustrated section on specifi c fractures in the chapter on skeletal trauma.

It is, unfortunately, beyond the scope of a small book such as this one to describe fully the pathology responsible for the various imaging appearances.

Similarly, to cover adequately the role of imaging in clinical management would necessitate large sections on surgery, medicine and pathology. Consequently, this book cannot be read in isolation; it must be accompanied by the study of these other subjects.

Peter Armstrong Martin L. Wastie Andrea G.

Rockall vii Preface Acknowledgements It would not have been possible to prepare this edition without the help of the many radiologists who have given ideas, valuable comments and inspiration.

Our special thanks must go to Dr Tim Jaspan, who in this and previous editions has given unstinting help on the sections on neuroradiology.

Dr Andrew Hatrick from Frimley Park Hospital made major contributions to the hepatobiliary and interventional radiology chapters. The following kindly provided illustrations for this edition: This work would have been totally impossible without the superb secretarial help undertaken by Tiina Wastie and Julie Jessop. Finally, we would like to express our gratitude to Karen Moore and the staff of Wiley-Blackwell.

Jump to. Sections of this page. Skull and Brain Sinuses, Orbits and neck Cardiovascular System. Plain Abdomen.

Gastrointestinal Tract. Hepatobiliary System, Pancreas and Spleen. Urinary tract. Female Genital Tract. Peritoneal Cavity and Retroperitoneum1.


Bone Disease2. Bone trauma5.

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Skull and Brain6. Sinuses, Orbits and neck7.

Diagnostic Imaging by Martin L. Wastie and Peter Armstrong (1998, Hardcover, Revised)

Vascular and Interventional radiologyppendix: CT Anatomy of Abdomenndex Reviews "The book is beautifully presented, with text easily read in double columns. Illustrations are copious, well annotated and generally of high quality.

The authors are clearly experienced teachers, picking out of the firmament of knowledge that constellations and patterns of essential information in a precise but readable narrative, supplemented by compact lists, useful tables and quality line diagrams. The best recommendation I can proffer is that after reading it I promptly went out and ordered two copies; one for our department and one for myself.

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The book is beautifully presented with an easy to read format. I would highly recommend this book for medical students The book offers chapters on every organ system and anatomical region. The drawings and radiographs are excellent and very well annotated. The text is concise, clear and never tedious making good use of lists and brief notes. It has been a delight to review and I highly recommend that a copy is downloadd for medical and departmental libraries.

On a whole, the book is excellent as a reference resouce for students.Looks like you are currently in Ukraine but have requested a page in the Singapore site. Brower, AC.

site Second Chance Pass it on, trade it in, give it a second life. That said - the anatomy and pathology do not change too often so this is a reasonable resource.

Extensively illustrated throughout, with very high quality illustrations and images, with an additional plate section of colour doppler images.

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